Fundraising Events

Schedule a charity event at Lakeland Winery.

Wine & Charity

Fundraising Events

Relax, sip wines from around the world and raise money for your cause at Lakeland Winery. Create your own private label wine in honor of your organization.

Your organization has control over the event. Sundays are the days of the week that we dedicate to Fundraising events. Pick a time that works best for you. Bring your own refreshments and structure the event the way you want it. Raise awareness and money while supporters enjoy wine tastings, make wine, mingle and learn more about your organization. Scheduling your event is as easy as registering online.

How it works


Download the Application and Book the Event

Fill this FORM and then Schedule your event HERE by choosing “Charitable Fundraising”. You may schedule more than one session during the day. Each session hosts up to 30 of your supporters.


Determine the fees

We recommend that you to charge wine tasting fees of $10 per person. $5 of the tasting fee will be given back to the fundraiser.


Get Help

Bring volunteers to assist our winery staff in pouring wine.


Send out your invitations

Advertise your event and sign up the participants yourself.



Lakeland Winery will donate 20% percent of all sales from wine purchased in the store and from batches of wine that were made during the event as an additional way to support your cause.

Leave us a message if you have any further questions:

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