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  4. bikebro

    My point of view may differ from the other’s, but anyway I have may things to say on this subject. First, everything here is true. Second, check the information first, then comment it

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  9. Phil

    1. Offer personalized winemaking services. I have over 100 bottles in my closet (sorry, don’t have a cellar) and pulling a bottle out whenever friends are over or whenever I am in need of a bottle for a dinner party is great….I’m all set!
    2. Can’t think of anything…
    3. Get Lakeland Winery wine on the shelves of liquor stores across the Northeast. Shouldn’t Onondaga Lake be considered a Finger Lake too? It can happen! :)

  10. Ann

    We loved making, that is hands on making…our own wine. If you recall, we brought several groups with us to do just that. We are all bummed that we can’t do that any more, Right now chosing wine and having you make it, doesn’t seem any different than buying wine from a winery.

  11. Tony

    Dear Sir, i’m so interested in your wine making method, i need to download all your steps videos, to make my own wine at home, Sir, I need to know the price of grapes juice concentrate to make my calculation before starting my test and taste. With Best Regards, Tony HELOU, BEIRUT , LEBANON, +9613242763.

  12. Tony,

    Glad to know you are interested in making wine from juice concentrate. I only started liking wine after tasting wine made from a juice concentrate. Trust me, it’s as good or better than any $20 to $30 dollar bottle of wine. Please write to me at my e-mail address and I will be glad to help you.


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  14. Andrea Dennis

    Hi Andy,

    JUST saw you blogged about this back in June… I’m one of Vinyou’s co-founders and wanted to say a big thanks for helping us spread the word. We really appreciate it!!


  15. The Rookie

    Can stevia be used instead of potassium sorbate to stabilize wine? I have used stevia to stabilize homemade applesauce and it inhibits mold and fermentation and there is no bitterness. I added three packets of stevia powder to 1.5 bu of processed apples with good results, no aftertaste.

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  18. Andy

    I always thought red wine was a $12 bottle of Merlot randomly bought for a special occasion at any liquor store until I tasted my brothers home made “Rosso Fortissimo”, a kit from Cellar Craft. Wow, was I surprised at how good it tasted. My first thought was, “this is how wine should taste”!

  19. nicole

    wow, how can you not mention California State University Fresno?! in 1997 Fresno State became the first university in the country to have a winery fully licensed to produce, bottle and sell wine. they have an amazing program there.

  20. Jennifer

    I don’t know how I managed to leave Fresno out! Thanks so much for reminding me because that is a big deal! I was trying to show a variety of different educational programs — some focused on the marketing and business end and some on the production end.

  21. Miguel

    Good description…think I’ll pick some up.  I love Spanish wines, but I always steered clear of roses for exactly the male egoistic reasons you referenced.  You make them sound quite appetizing, though.  Spanish Rose sounds prefect for the fresh Spring weather we’re experiencing now.

  22. Rosietoestoo

    My friends and I stopped by not knowing the proper proceedures of making an appointment. We just wanted to taste some wines. Well the owner soon realized our confusion and quickly accomodated us anyway. He let us taste several different wines which varried from light and sweet to full and flavorful. It turned out to be a very nice wine tasting experience and we bought a couple of our favorites. Then as we were leaving he took us in the back room and showed us where you can make your very own wine. It was very cool. All sorts of 5 gallon jugs of personally mixed wines aging to perfection. He said it takes a few weeks to complete the process. We didn’t do that this time but it sounds like a great party event and gift idea. It was a very nice find and I would definitely suggest it. But it’s a good idea to call ahead, and bring a snack.

  23. TylerJohnson123

    If you are trying to create your own wine cellar then the best thing to do would be to get the best wine racks that you can find for the best price available.

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  25. Nina B. Fye

    I want to give my father a unique gift for his upcoming birthday. Custom wine labels is a great gift. It makes more the wine more attractive to look. Every bottle of wine must have a label, and that label must provide a uniqueness of the wine.