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Anyone Who Loves Wine Can Be a Wine Enthusiast

Dispelling myths about what it takes to call yourself a wine enthusiast:

Myth number three — you cannot be called a wine enthusiast unless you belong to the elite wine club of your area and have a good knowledge about wines. There is nothing further from truth. Anyone who loves wine can be labeled as a wine enthusiast, period. Once you discover the love for wine, you would be thirsty to know more about the origin, various types, methods of serving, storage and other aspects of wine—just because you love this royal beverage. If you look closely, this is what actually describes the wine enthusiasts all over the world.

Exploding Some General Myths Concerning the Wine Enthusiast [WineXpert]

10 Wine Buying Tips

Many of us walk into a wine store not really sure what we’re looking for and end up a little overwhelmed with the choices. The Fat City blog offers up 10 wine buying tips. Here are a few good ones:

Tip number 4: “Natural human behavior is to look at the first thing that catches your eye. That’s why producers display their ratings so prominently. Don’t be a slave to ratings. Especially watch out for wines advertising ratings in the low 80s. Ask yourself why a producer would be advertising their mediocrity.”

Tip number 6: “Look at the vintages. You don’t have to know good years or bad years just know that white over three years old, especially under $20, are getting long in the tooth. On the other end, reds can be too young. Watch out for ones that are only a year old.”

Tip number 7: “Pick up the damn bottle and look at the back. If a wine has a whole paragraph with an ebullient description about the wine, they’re probably completely full of shit. It means they’re specifically dumbing down the wine and pandering to a certain demographic. Move on to something that the producer is confident enough in to let speak for itself.”

Lost in the Liquor Store: Part I [Fat City]

Drinking red wine with a steak protects your health

Drinking red wine with a steak protects your health

Photo by ricko
Researchers have discovered that drinking a nice Cabernet with your juicy steak at dinner protects your body from harmful toxins released during digestion. Red wine helps neutralize these toxins with antioxidants called polyphenols:

In a study on rats, scientists at Hebrew University in Jerusalem fed some of the animals ground meat, and fed others the same meat infused with red-wine extract. Subsequent tests revealed that the wine-dosed rats had lower levels of the fat-derived toxins.

“Diets high in fat and red meat are contributory risk factors,” the study’s authors write in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. But if you do indulge in a grilled porterhouse now and then, you can reduce the risk with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The study helps to explain the so-called French paradox—the relatively low heart-disease rate among wine-drinking Frenchmen and -women, despite diets high in cheese, butter, meat, and other forms of fat.

Wine, the antidote to a grilled steak [The Week]

Andy’s How to Make Wine Videos — Step 2 (Racking)

Here’s Step 2 of my How to Make Wine Video series! In this second video I explain how to transfer your fermenting wine from a bucket and into a glass carboy with a siphon, also known as “racking” your wine.

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