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Wine Making

We have over 100 varieties of international and domestic award-winning premium juice concentrate kits developed by Winexpert, Inc for winemaking. Our experienced winemakers guide you in creating your own handcrafted wine, suited to your taste.

We welcome anyone interested in making their own wine to participate in our winemaking events. From the first-time aspiring winemaker to the hardened wine connoisseur, our experienced staff of wine makers are ready to guide you in creating your very own handcrafted wine. You can schedule a private group party, join in with other wine enthusiasts, or have a personal one-on-one winemaking session. Fun is garanteed. This event costs from $205-$310 (plus tax) and lasts 90 min.

How it Works


Pick your favorite wine

View our award-winning wine list for custom winemaking packages HERE.


Check our availability

Take into consideration that these events take place in two separate dates. The first event is to make the wine, and the second (after 7 weeks) to bottle the wine and take it home. You can check our availability HERE.


Wine Making Day is Here

You will have the option to have a wine tasting for $15 per person, we recommend to bring food or snacks to complement the wine if you decide to go for it.


Let’s get to work!

We go to the winemaking room and then start the Five Steps of How to Make Your Own Wine. You won’t believe how quick and easy it is!


The Waiting Time

Its time to go back home and wait. You may choose to either: (1) return the second week to rack your wine or (2) let us take care of the racking & stabilizing steps for you.

You return to the winery on the seventh week to bottle, cork, and label your wine bottles – don’t forget to book your appointment!


Aging Time

For Wine Aging Guidelines, Your wine is safe to drink after bottling, but will not taste pleasant without proper aging.

-Fruit wines are ready to drink immediately.
-White wines need 3 to 6 months to age.
-Red wines need 6 to 12 months to age.

Lakeland Winery in CNY Central

WineMaking at Lakeland Winery


Further Details:

  • If your group makes three or more wine packages -each winemaking package yields roughly 30 bottles of wine- You will receive a discount on your custom winemaking package.
  • This event costs from $205-$310 (plus tax) and lasts 90 min.
  • We reccomend adding the winetasting package for aditional $15 per person 15 differents type of wine.