In 2005, Syracuse wine enthusiast Andy Watkins established Lakeland Winery as the first custom winemaking facility in New York State. We invite you to tour the winery and experience what making your own wine is all about.



Andy Watkins, owner of Lakeland Winery since 2005.

Making Your Own Wine at Lakeland Winery

Creating and personalizing your very own wine with us is full of advantages over making wine at home.


We have trained experts to walk you through the process.


No need to buy your own winemaking equipment. We provide everything you need. Our prices include the juice concentrate kit for the wine, bottles, corks, caps, filters and labels.


The custom winemaking experience at Lakeland Winery is a communal effort with groups, couples and individuals coming in to taste and choose custom wines together—you instantly become part of our family.


We accommodate large groups who want to taste and make wine. Move beyond simple wine tasting by learning all there is to know about the winemaking process.

If you’re looking for a reason to get away for an hour or so, give yourself a break and bring a group of friends.