The New York Cork Report just released a really great breakdown on the Finger Lakes wine industry. They collected their data on more than 100 wineries and almost 2,000 wines from Finger Lakes wine- industry-related websites. The Cork Report admits it’s not the most scientific method, but the info is still pretty interesting about what’s being made and what’s being sold in the region. Some highlights:

  • The average price of a bottle of wine from the Finger Lakes is $16.15. This makes it one of the better value regions in the country, considering that the average cost of a bottle of wine in the U.S. was $37.62, according to a 2013 study from Wines & Vines quoted by the Cork Report.
  • Riesling is the top wine in the region. Finger Lakes rieslings have earned plenty of buzz, even from the New York Times. According to the Cork Report, 88 percent of Finger Lakes wineries in their sample produce at least one riesling.