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Royalty Free/Corbis

Remember all that moderate wine drinking you’re supposed to do? Those one or two glasses a day you’re supposed to drink to prevent disease? Yeah, well, a new study suggests that resveratrol, the compound found in with all the purported health benefits, is just a lot of hype.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, concluded there’s little evidence that resveratrol has beneficial effects on a number of health issues. They found no association between , and less cardiovascular disease, inflammation, cancer and increases in longevity.

The study authors do say that other substances found in red wine and other foods, such as dark chocolate and berries, may still have small, positive health effects, so there’s reason to keep drinking.

And, there are these reasons too: A nice glass of wine can bring a smile to your face, lets you unwind after a long day, and, of course, adds to a good laugh with good friends. All secrets to a happy life, if you ask me.

Check out this article from Johns Hopkins for more information about the study.