Are you getting the most out of your wine? Snooth details seven ways that people drink wine incorrectly. Drinking wine requires a little patience and finesse, and doing it right ensures you’re getting the best tasting wine possible. Here are a few of my favorite wine sins you shouldn’t commit:

1. Serving red wines too warm. Don’t drink a red wine if it’s over 70 F — anything more stimulates alcohol evaporation and ruins the flavor.

2. Drinking the wine as soon as you open the bottle. You may be thirsty, but wine needs time to breathe. Letting a wine sit for a few minutes after opening softens tannins and activates aromas.

3. Over-chilling wines dull the flavors and aromas.

4. Not giving wine a second chance.  Many things affect the wine drinking experience, so that wine you tried and didn’t like the first time could taste completely different if you pair it with a different food, let it breathe longer, or serve it at a cooler temperature.