I thought I’d share with you a really great email Andy received from fellow winemaking enthusiasts in Canada. Geoff and Cindy, who live in British Columbia, bought a winemaking kit from Craigslist and set out to make their very own wine at home, but they needed a little help. In his search to figure out how to make wine with his kit, Geoff came across our step-by-step guide to making wine, and our process did the trick.

Geoff wrote to Andy:

I stumbled on your 5 Step Winemaking From Concentrate on YouTube.  You could not have explained that any clearer.

I followed your video step-by-step and the wine turned out perfect.

Just wanted to say thanks.

Thank you Geoff and Cindy! We love getting messages like this because nothing makes us happier than spreading the winemaking love. Check out our step-by-step guide for yourself here.