If your idea of a fundraiser is a big, fancy gala event or a frenetic marathon, think again. A wine tasting party fundraiser at Lakeland Winery is relaxing and a wonderful way to earn for your organization. Holding a fundraiser at Lakeland is a lot like making your very own wine here: Fun and easy. In fact, Toni Ann Walsh, Chief Development Officer of the CNY Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association told us that holding their Walk to End Alzheimer’s kick-off event at Lakeland Winery was a great success for her organization’s supporters.

Walsh told us that participants “liked the laid back structure of the event. They could talk and mingle but still learn about the different wines.”

But, a fundraiser at Lakeland isn’t just great for the supporters. We also make it easy on the organizers. You may reserve a day and register your event online through our Book Appointments link, making registration easy for participants.  And you have control over the event — you may set up your own registration fee and all proceeds from ticket sales go to your organization. As Walsh said, “That was nice. Many times, this is dictated to us and makes it harder for us to sell tickets.”

The CNY Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association held their fundraiser at Lakeland Winery on August 4, 2011 as a way to kick-off their Walk to End Alzheimer’s. The party at Lakeland Winery consisted of three, one hour long wine tastings. Thirty four people attended. The admission fee and a portion of wine sales made during the event went to advancing research for a cure and providing support and care for the millions of people and their families affected by this disease. Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.

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