November 1, 2010
Take a Photo, Find a Wine

Snooth Wine Pro

Camera phones have gotten so advanced. They offer more megapixels, top-end optics and high-def video.

Now they can even help you find a favorite wine.

With an iPhone in hand and Snooth Wine Pro added to your app menu, it’s easy to hunt down that incredible bottle of wine from last night’s dinner out. Just snap a photo of the label, and Snooth will search through its database of over a million wines to find a match.

The service then offers a map showing nearby stores that have the wine in stock, price comparisons and expert and user reviews. You can even purchase the wine through the Snooth retail network, if it’s available.

There’s also a “cellar” feature that allows you to catalog the wines in your collection. It’s available when you’re offline, too (like down in your basement trying to choose a wine for dinner).

Never go thirsty again.

Download The Snooth Wine Pro iPhone app at