I contacted Winexpert, the supplier of our pasteurized juice to lament the end
of their production of Cab Franc and Cab Franc/Merlot juice. This is their response:

Thank you for your contact. Good to talk to you today and again I am sorry we will be discontinuing two of your favourites. As mentioned we generally do this when we are making room for new product launches – most often the decision is to discontinue a product choosing one that has been a rather slow seller. The Mezza Luna White is a proprietary blend of grapes from California. We don’t reveal the formulation information. I thought I would add our date, source, etc. information since you thought the Luna was from Europe. To identify the juice products and concentrates in our various kits: if the kit is a regular Selection, then the juice and concentrates come from could be from San Joaquin, Lodi, Woodbridge, or even some of the coastal appellations. For the most part, the source we rely on is from the Lodi-Woodbridge AVA. They are always of the same vintage year, and are pure varietal product and are not always single-vineyard. If it is labeled with a country designation, as in our Selection International series, then it comes from that country: Chilean Cabernet is from Chile, Australian Cabernet-Shiraz is from Australia, etc. Very occasionally we blend across vintages with these products, mainly to try to keep consistency within the kit line-up. Even though our harvests vary significantly every year, our consumers demand a high level of consistency. They want the CabSauv/Merlot they make this year to taste exactly the same (as they remember) the CabSauv/Merlot from 5 years ago! It can be quite a task.

I talked to Tim regarding a substitute and there is nothing in the regular line up to replace it.  He recommends for a rich heavy wine try the Chilean Carmenere.   The Small Lots 3 Continent Meritage to be released in May will be the one that will be very similar to the Cab Franc.  The only problem is it’s a Limited Offering.

3 Continents Meritage combines Petit Verdot from Australia, Cabernet Sauvignon from California and Merlot from Chile to make a unique, globe-spanning vision of the quality a wine of the best varieties can truly possess.