In the past 2 years I have received several inquiries from local grape growers if I knew anyone who wanted grapes growing in their back yards. Then, this year someone actually gave me two bins of concord grapes to make wine.
I am organizing what I call a Grape Co-op, and am soliciting the following people: organizational; workers and suppliers(growers). We will be purchasing or accepting donations of red grapes from local growers in the Syracuse area. Wine will be made from these grapes and sold to the public via Lakeland Winery, Inc. You may be paid either from the proceeds or reimbursed for your efforts with wine. The following is a general job description we could follow: Organizers- Those who organize the foundation and structure of the group.
Workers- Harvesters; Pruners; grape crushers; wine makers; bottlers; labelers & corkers; distribution & sales. Grape Suppliers- Land owners who donate or sell grapes to the co-op.

I am having a meeting of interest on Saturday, November 21st at 4PM for anyone who may be interested. Please e-mail me at if you can not attend but are interested in some aspect of this.