Waiting patiently for the winemaker.1989my favorite customerswine making sign in front of house

These are 3 of my favorite customers; and I’ll tell you why. Anna (the ring leader);
Joann and Patty know how to get the most from several incentives the generous
owner provides. During the 7 weeks their wine is fermenting, they each place a sign
in front of their home advertising Lakeland Winery (see photo). For that, they
receive $20 of wine every 7 weeks. Every time they make a batch of wine, I
stamp a loyalty card worth 10% off their purchase. The 5th batch is 50% off juice,
and the 10th batch is FREE juice. They also organize “wine making parties” where
the organizer gets 10% off their personalized wine making bill if 3 batches are made,
and 20% off if 6 batches are made. Another way they save money is by bringing in their own bottles. That’s a lot of incentive to come back…and they do!

Thank you Joann, Patty and Anna for your generous contribution to my success.