Dear Fans,

I’m delighted and very excited to tell you that the beverage events department of the Great New York State Fair has been allotted a generous space in the Horticulture Building.

We’ve also been given some large display cases, a super spot for showcasing award-winning products, highlighting industry items and offering resource and tourist information. There are about one million visitors to the Fair each year.

We would welcome any of you to come and spend some time “manning” the space. We think it will be very useful to have someone on hand as often as possible to answer questions and generally welcome visitors to our display. Any folks who volunteer to spend 6 hours spread out through the day will receive a free parking pass and free admission to the Fair. E-mail Monty ASAP if you want to help. Thanks for your support in making this space friendly and informative.

Please email Monty at to let her know when so she can schedule. Thanks!

Lynne L. Montgomery (Monty), Beverage Events Superintendent 315-536-0545

Larry Jordan, Commercial Wine Competition Chairman

David Meszko, Homebrew Competition Chairman

Andy Watkins, Home wine Competition Chairman 315-572-4763