As you know, I am no longer selling wine at the Farmers Market because of a New
York State requirement. Although I’m still doing wine tasting at the Market and
asking people to visit Lakeland Winery to purchase, I still need another source of
revenue. Recently, Winexpert introduced a product that is absolutely selling way
above the rest…not that it’s better – it’s sweeter. It’s called Pomegranate Zinfandel,
and I literally can’t make it fast enough.

Being a Professional Engineer, I don’t have much retail experience so I need someone to mentor me; and I need some sales people too. The questions are:

How much do Sales people make?

How do I price the wine at wholesale ?

If you want to sell my wine to restaurants; hotels; bars; liquor stores, let me know.
I’m ready to begin immediately. Please respond to,
and thanks.