Stories and news from the wine world:

  • Wine Word of the Week: Clarification
    — Clarification is the wine-making operation which removes suspended and insoluble material from grape juice, or new wine, in which these solids are known as lees.
  • Sulfites in Wine
    — Sneaky Sulfites Cause Splitting Headaches, or Do They? The truth behind sulfites used in wine.
  • Wine May ‘Protect Against Dementia’
    — The beneficial effects observed are due to compounds called flavonoids, found in red wine.
  • Time Works Against Opened Wine Bottle
    — The problem arises when you taste several wines or simply don’t want to drink an entire bottle by yourself or with a friend.
  • Report: American Wine Industry Healthy
    — Wine Intelligence, a London-based wine industry consulting and market research firm, is reporting that American wine is doing just fine…