This is a shameless plug for Ytb Travel Network and Ytb, International, the parent company of my travel company, and 26th largest travel company in the world. These photos are of me and the Syracuse contingent at the recently attended Ytb, Inc. International Convention in St. Louis.

So, here’s my story: A few months ago, I had been thinking of setting up trips for my wine drinking customers to visit wineries all over the world, but hadn’t a clue how to get started. A month or two later, I’m serving wine at the farmers market and need water to wipe up some spilled wine. Nearby there was a guy at a table with lots of plastic water bottles at his display. I went over to him and he said, “how would you like to get paid to travel and have that money go back into your business”? That was all I needed to hear. Several weeks later I joined Ytb Inc, and started Lakeland Travel Club. You can see it at

In a nut shell, I get paid to do what I love doing…travel. And, you can too! Just visit my website; watch the video; sign up to become a member of Ytb and begin working at the most exciting and potentially rewarding business you’ve ever owned. Make money from commissions paid by airlines, hotels and car rental agencies when people book travel on your website. It’s not easy, but what is? You have to work it, like any job. Tell people your reason for joining. Everyone has their own story. What’s yours?

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