Ryan and Leah

I received this e-mail on February 25, 2008


My name is Ryan Scarafile and I am originally from the Syracuse area. I have been looking for a place in the area that allows people to make their own wine. I have recently reocated to the Baltimore Maryland area, but I still have family in the Syracuse area. Anyway, I am going to be asking my girlfriend of 12 years to marry me within the next few months and I thought since we are both very much into wine that I could pop the question by first making our own bottle together, and then secondly attaching a label that asks her to marry me. I am not sure if I can even pull this off or if this would be something we could even do together. Either way we would love to come in and make our own wine. Can you please let me know if this idea would work or any other information I might need to get this in the works? Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ryan Scarafile

The same day, I responded:

You’re a clever man with a nice imagination Ryan. I like your idea and will help make it happen for you. The wine making process takes 6 or 7 weeks. Here’s how it might work: You come in the first week to taste wines; pick a favorite and then make your wine. The wines come in batches of 27-30 bottles. Each bottle will cost between $5 and $8 each. When the wine is ready you both can come again to bottle, cork, label and decorate your bottles. They may take 3 days to a year (depending on the kind of wine you make) to age perfectly.

I can slip you one label to put on one of the bottles that day. It eill be different than all the other labels. If you put it into the box with all the rest, she won’t notice until you pull it out when you’re ready.

You can visit our Winery on Saturday afternoon, or any evening by appointment with the idea that you will just be doing a free wine tasting. Then suggest to her that you make a batch together. I could take photos for you to share later if you like.

On May 18, 2008, Ryan wrote:


Last night I proposed to Leah, using the bottle you made for me with the ring tied around the stem of the bottle. It was perfect. She loved it. The bottle was everything I imagined it would be. I just wanted to thank you again for acommodating me, and all my requests, during this whole process. You certainly helped my idea and dream come true. You will be seeing us again to make more wine. Thank you again Andy!


Ryan Scarafile