I heard that recently some manga (Japanese comic book) company has
been doing a serial manga about wines. There’s a mystery story line
that involves talking a lot about different wines, their flavors, and
their food compatibilities, and it’s made wine a bit more popular in
Japan. But where it’s really taken off is Korea and China, once the
manga was translated into Korean and Chinese. The comic is called
Kami no Shizuku (Drops of God), and if I recall correctly, the story
line is about a wine connoisseur (and maker?) who dies and leaves a
strange will. He considers that there are twelve great wines in the
world, which he likens to the Twelve Disciples of Jesus, and he says
that anyone who can name and describe them will win his large
inheritance. Competing are the man’s son and adopted son.


As the comics contain vivid descriptions of wines, and are actually
quite educational, they’ve become very popular among college students,
and anyone who wants to impress their friends with their knowledge of
I don’t think it’s been translated into English yet, but I may be wrong.

posted by Emily Watkins, resident of Japan