After many months of planning and a couple weeks of preparation, I along with a little help from some faithful volunteers succeeded in planting 94 Riesling vines from Hermann Wiemer’s nursery behind the Winery. Now I feel almost legitimate. “Shouldn’t all wineries have a vineyard”, I thought to myself last year. The reason I chose Riesling grapes from that particular vineyard was because they are beginning to develop world class notoriety from gold metal awards won at some international wine tasting competitions. What could be nicer than a gold metal from the Taster’s Guild International competition, won by Lakeland Winery! “It would put
Lakeland on the map”, I dream to myself. My neighbor, the owner of Lakeland Car Wash wants me to plant vines on his property too, but I’m undecided because it’s so much hard work. If I do, it will probably be Riesling vines because they are a hearty breed that weather the cold
Syracuse winters. The little I have planted will take 5 to 7 years to fully develop. After that I should be able to produce maybe 3 gallons per vine or about 280 gallons (47 carboys). I’ll have large stainless steel primary fermenting tanks by then. Following the primary fermentation in large tanks, I would rack it to glass carboys and personalize it to your own taste. That’s what we call ‘adopt a jug’ at Lakeland Winery. You might prefer a handcrafted wine that has more or less sweetness, french or American oak flavor, maybe even a slight hint of elder flowers. Whatever fragrant aroma you want. I’m sorry, I don’t anticapate having enough grapes to sell directly to customers but I might be able to supply you with a few vines to grow yourself. Then, I would hope you would enter a competition and win a gold for yourself.