Winexpert is proud to announce its newest kit and best kit ever!

While keeping with our reputation for producing the industry’s highest standard for wine kits, we have decided to take on the cutting edge of environmentally appropriate technology both by reducing the carbon footprint of winemakers and improving the environment, making the world’s first truly green wine: The Chateau Selection Series Sprirulina Algae Negative Carbon Wine Kit!

Spirulina is a blue-green algae. It is a simple, one-celled form of algae that thrives in warm, alkaline fresh-water bodies. The name “spirulina” is derived from the Latin word for “helix” or “spiral”; denoting the physical configuration of the organism when it forms swirling, microscopic strands.

Spirulina is the “food of the future” because of its amazing metabolic system, based on photosynthesis, a process of direct food energy production utilizing sunlight and chlorophyll, which is typical of plant life forms. This means that during fermentation the kit must receive direct sunlight—in fact, exposure to sunlight during storage and ageing will cause the wine kit to increase in alcohol! And it does this by directly absorbing the carbon dioxide generated by fermentation! Now the only smell your family will complain about will be pure, sweet fresh air coming from your fermentation room!

And that’s not all! Selection Series Sprirulina Algae Negative Carbon Wine Kit will soak up all of the CO2 generated by other fermentations! Make all the wine you want: it’ll only make your Selection Series Sprirulina Algae Negative Carbon Wine Kit produce better wine, faster! Algae to the people!

During the packaging process our Selection Series Sprirulina Algae Negative Carbon Wine Kit is subject to Pasteurizing at 70 degrees Centigrade (160 degrees F). In this intense heat, the naturally blue-green algae turns a frosted white and develops a sweet flavor as its 71 percent protein structure is transformed into polysaccharide sugars by the heat—more polysaccharides mean more flavor!

As a bonus, each Selection Series Sprirulina Algae Negative Carbon Wine Kit purchased April 1, 2008 will come with two cases of recycled cardboard Tetra-Pak Friendlybottles. Made from 100% recycled shoe boxes and the wax from hand-raised Venezualan Yoga Bees, these containers occupy 1/10th the volume of regular wine bottles and carry the Friendly Hippie seal of approval!

Contact Lakeland Winery today and remember, Save the Planet: Use Your Liver!