You may be interested in subscribing to this e-mail site, They are from Uncork New York Foundation and regularly send interesting announcements about New York wines and legislation. This recent publication espouses the health benefits of drinking red wine. I’m sure you’ve see similar articles, but I can’t get enough information to counteract the “evils of drinking”; so let’s drink responsibly.

RED WINE may help prevent prostate cancer, according to aUniversity of
Alabama study published in the Journal of Carcinogenesis. Once again, the key component appears to be resveratrol, a naturally occurring fungicide that develops on grape skins to ward off disease and has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and total mortality. (Resveratrol is prominent in many red wines, but not white, because of the way wines are made; the color of red wines comes from the pigment in the skins, not the juice ((which is yellow)), and like the pigment the resveratrol also gets transferred during prolonged skin contact, which is minimal for white wines to avoid harsh flavors.) The study showed that resveratrol-fed mice had an 87% reduction in risk of developing prostate tumors, mirroring a UAB study last year showing a similar risk reduction for breast cancer. The research team is now starting to test resveratrol consumption in humans.  Meanwhile, the lead researcher said, “I drink a glass a day every evening because I’m concerned about prostate cancer.  It runs in my family.”