Winemaking on a handshake [Toronto Star]
“To all those parents with rebel teenagers, take heart and listen to the tale of virtual winemaker Guy Anderson.”

Teachers find true calling is winemaking [The Beacon News]
“Rick and Maria Mamoser of Prairie State Winery in Genoa left their high school teaching careers to become expert winemakers.”

A traditionalist’s top 10 Italian wines [The New York Sun]
“I have no idea for whom Mr. Scicolone casts his ballot on Election Day, but when he votes for Italian wine, he stands somewhere to the right of Silvio Berlusconi, Barry Goldwater, and maybe even Jean-Marie Le Pen.”

Winemaking – Chateau St. Your Garage [The Tribune]
“Enter the WinePod, a new, compact home winemaking system that’s poised to bring the winery to average Joes and head honchos alike.”

Going green – wine producers take serious look at biodynamics [Worcester Telegram & Gazette]
“Green has not yet replaced red or white or even pink as the most important color in deciding which wines to buy, but people have started to think about it.”