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Wine Making and Custom Bottles

Among our services, we offer you customized wine bottles for a special celebration, like weddings, anniversaries or corporate events. You can choose between over 50 different wine flavors, select a type of cork, and finally a beautiful and special label… Just for you and your event!

We also have a Wine making experience in which you will to come to our Urban Winery and prepare your own wine under our guidance.

Choose from our award-winning wine list. Each batch (a 6 gallon carboy) makes between 28-30 bottles of wine.

Wine Selection

Wine Selection

Eclipse Series – $370 USD

Selection Estate Series redefined the premium wine kit landscape by offering a very limited number of prestigious varietals and styles, sourced from exclusive vineyards in the world’s greatest winemaking regions. Blended with 100% pure varietal grape juice and varietal grape juice concentrate with no added sugars, the Selection Estate Series yields wines of exceptional flavor, aroma, and complexity.


-Washington Columbia Valley Riesling
-German Mosel Gewürztraminer
-Sonoma Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay


-Napa Valley Stag’s Leap Merlot
-Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon
-Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir
-Italian Piedmont Borolo

International Series- $287 USD

Our most popular premium wines are made from the Selection International Series and those who demand wines with exceptional body, flavor, and aroma will be able to choose the perfect accompaniment for every occasion from over 20 available wines in this series.


-Australian Chardonnay
-Italian Pinot Grigio
-Australian Traminer Riesling


-Australian Shiraz
-Australian Cabernet Shiraz
-Australian Grenache Shiraz -Mourvedre
-Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon
-Italian Montepulciano
-Italian Sangiovese
-Spanish Rioja
-Italian Amarone
-French Cabernet Sauvignon
-Chilean Pinot Noir
-Chilean Malbec
-South African Pinotage

Original Series – $344 USD

California wines now match the best from around the world and this is clearly demonstrated by the quality of our Selection Original Series. Whether you enjoy traditional varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay or something more daring such as Viognier or Symphony, they can all be found in the Selection Original Series.


-Luna Bianca


White Merlot
-White Zinfandel

Vintners Reserve- $281 USD

Easy to make and easy to enjoy, Vintners Reserve wines offer excellent quality flavors and aromas and there’s almost 30 available styles to choose from.


-Mezza Luna White *Andy’s Favorite*
-Sauvignon Blanc



Island Mist- $265 USD

Island Mist is a delicious alternative to everyday wines and wine coolers. Combining the crisp freshness of distinctive varietal wines with full fruit flavors, Island Mist makes a fun, refreshing wine-based beverage to enjoy any time.

-Pomegranate Zinfandel
-Blackberry Cabernet
-Green Apple Riesling
-Peach Apricot Chardonnay
-Exotic Fruit White Zinfandel
-Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc
-Black Raspberry Merlot
-Wildberry Shiraz
-Strawberry White Merlot
-White Cranberry Pinot Gris
-Blueberry Pinot Noir
-Cranberry Malbec
-Sangria Zinfandel Blush
-Raspberry Dragonfruit Shiraz
Strawberry Lychee Traminer

Special Series- $329 USD

Ice wines, ports, sherries and sparkling wine can all be made from the Selection Speciale range of award winning wines. Makes 30 375ml bottles.

-Cabernet Franc Ice Wine

Limited Edition

Selection Limited Edition Series features a limited number of outstanding unique varieties from around the world that are released annually from January through April. These special wines are only available during their month of release and are immensely popular, so preregistration is strongly advised.

Current choices: Call for availability: (315) 487-2884