I’m partial to reds, however, I’m not in love with the purple stains my favorite wines leave behind on my teeth. It’s the reason I choose white wine at any public event. I learned this lesson the hard way several years ago at a networking conference.

When I first got to the conference, I chose a cabernet sauvignon and walked around, energetically introducing myself. I felt awesome with all that bubbly energy, meeting new people, collecting business cards — until I used the ladies room and got a good look at my teeth. I tried rinsing my mouth and chewing gum, but neither of these tactics were good in a pinch. These Wine Wipes would have really come in handy that day.

A recent Yahoo News article reports that they work pretty well, so there is hope for all of us red wine lovers.

I also learned about a few “folk remedies.” Swishing some seltzer, eating hard, waxy cheeses, and even munching on crunchy fruits and vegetables are believed to help remove wine stains. Sounds a bit dubious to me. There’s also the added effect of cheese breath and celery stuck between your teeth. At least the red wine is fun.