Make Your Holiday Wine Now at Lakeland Winery

Okay, so it’s not even Halloween yet, but you can get all of your holiday shopping done early this year by making your holiday wine now at Lakeland Winery.

It takes seven weeks for the wine to ferment, so if you make your wine by November 3, you can have wine gifts for friends, family and coworkers done in time for the holidays. No last minute shopping!

Read up on our custom winemaking process here.

Book your winemaking appointment here.


  1. Rosietoestoo

    My friends and I stopped by not knowing the proper proceedures of making an appointment. We just wanted to taste some wines. Well the owner soon realized our confusion and quickly accomodated us anyway. He let us taste several different wines which varried from light and sweet to full and flavorful. It turned out to be a very nice wine tasting experience and we bought a couple of our favorites. Then as we were leaving he took us in the back room and showed us where you can make your very own wine. It was very cool. All sorts of 5 gallon jugs of personally mixed wines aging to perfection. He said it takes a few weeks to complete the process. We didn’t do that this time but it sounds like a great party event and gift idea. It was a very nice find and I would definitely suggest it. But it’s a good idea to call ahead, and bring a snack.

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