What Should Wine Newbies Know?

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Are most of us wine newbies? If you were teaching newcomers to wine, what would you tell them?

Wine Spectator’s Drinking Out Loud blog has the answers:

The key point is this: Most American wine lovers are almost as new to wine as most Asian wine lovers are. I don’t know about you, but I remember vividly the bafflement of wine: all that label lingo (in French no less); the seeming arbitrariness of pricing; the snobbery; the humiliation of facing a big wine list in a restaurant skewed to exorbitantly priced wines. Do you remember all that? I’ll bet you do.

via What Should Wine Newbies Know? | Wine Spectator.

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  1. The Rookie

    Can stevia be used instead of potassium sorbate to stabilize wine? I have used stevia to stabilize homemade applesauce and it inhibits mold and fermentation and there is no bitterness. I added three packets of stevia powder to 1.5 bu of processed apples with good results, no aftertaste.

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