Spring Cleaning Sale

Spring Cleaning Sale

Spring BoGoMaybe it doesn’t feel like spring quite yet, but we can feel it coming, and we’re getting ready for blooms and blossoms with a little cleaning.

Right now we’re having a buy one, get one free special on some of our semi-dry wines. Stock up on wines in honor of the coming spring.


10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Were in Your Wine

Royalty Free/Corbis

Royalty Free/Corbis

You probably know all the basics that go into making wine. You’ve got the grapes, the yeast, the sulfites and the tannins down pat, but a recent WineEnthusiast article shows that so much more than grapes, fermentation and patience makes the wine on your table.


Winemakers often add potassium sorbate to ward off bacteria — just like in cheese.  Enzymes remove  impurities after fermentation and certain acids may be added to a wine to act on color, particle stability, aging and microbes.


Winemakers may add certain agents to boost a wine, whether it be flavor or alcohol. You may think those grapes are naturally sweet enough, but WineEnthusiast explains that sometimes winemakers have underripe grapes, so sugar is often added to boost the alcohol content. Sugar can also improve mouthfeel. A wine-grape juice concentrate called Mega Purple may be added to boost color and sugar. Oak chips, powders or staves in different flavors like vanilla or leather can help improve consistency.

Fining Agents:

Now here are some of the more, err, stranger things that go into making wines. Fining agents clear out the particles that cause sediment and cloudiness in a wine. They can also help stabilize the wine and help with color.  These agents include fish bladders, bentonite clay, mammal proteins and plastic. WineEnthusiast assures these agents are filtered out of the final product. 

So there you have it: this is how your wine is made.

February’s Wine of the Month: Mocha Mariage

February’s Wine of the Month: Mocha Mariage


mocha mariageLakeland Winery has your Valentine’s dessert covered. Our Mocha Mariage is February’s featured wine and we think it’s rather tasty with a New York style cheesecake. There, now your Valentine’s Day dinner is complete.

The Mocha Mariage is a blend of Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes topped off with natural chocolate flavor.



Honey Mead: When You’re Feeling Like a Medieval King (or Queen)

Honey Mead: When You’re Feeling Like a Medieval King (or Queen)

honeymeadFermenting honey with water is one of the oldest ways to make wine. It’s an ancient tipple that Celtics, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and mythical heroes alike enjoyed. The term “honeymoon” originated from the practice of newlyweds drinking honey mead for a month in the hopes of producing a son.

Honey mead is the latest edition to Lakeland Winery. We make our delicious wine with a smooth finish in the tradition of Metheglin — a type of honey mead combined with herbs. Our honey mead is made with Ethiopian hops.

This honey mead packs a punch — it’s 18 percent alcohol.

Featured Wine of the Month: Fresh Chianti

Featured Wine of the Month: Fresh Chianti

winebottles2Our January wine of the month is Fresh Chianti. This dry red has the fruitiness of black currants. Guaranteed to make you feel a little bit warmer in a polar vortex.

On sale all this month, buy one get one free.

December’s Wine of the Month: Red Cranberry Malbec

cranberry christmas wineThe December wine of the month is our Red Cranberry Malbec. Pairs perfectly with ham, turkey and pasta — just right for all those holiday dinners.

Buy one, get one half-off all this month.

Award Winning Wine

Award Winning Wine

awardwinnersThese wines are winners! We just won three silvers and a bronze in the 2013 New York State Fair Commercial Wine Competition.

Our Cayuga-Traminette got the Silver; our delicious Diamond, Mon Cheri won Silver; the ever-popular Sweet Spot got a Silver medal; and our Traminette got the Bronze.

May’s Wine of the Month: Fresh Blueberry

fresh blueIt finally feels like Spring and what better way to celebrate than with sweet, fresh blueberries?

The May Wine of the Month is our Fresh Blueberry wine, made with blueberries picked locally in CNY. It’s an off dry, semi-sweet wine absolutely perfect for brunches instead of the usual mimosa, or as an after dinner sweet to cleanse the palette.

This wine is delicious mixed with lemonade too.

All this month, buy one, get one half-off.

Presidents’ Day Sale!

Presidents’ Day Sale!

Founding father George Washington helped create a brand new country, but he wasn’t as successful at making his own wine.*In fact, Washington tried to make a go of his own vineyard at Mt. Vernon for 11 years before giving up. You, on the otherhand, will succeed with Wine Expert’s International Juice Kits for sale all this week in honor of Presidents’ Day.

Choose from these selected International varieties:

Australian Cabernet Shiraz

Australian Shiraz

Chilean Pinor Noir

Chilean Merlot

French Cabernet Sauvignon

French Merlot

New Zealand Pinot Noir


$98.99 this week only

Kits only. Expires Saturday, February 23, 2013.


*Source: Virgina Wine: Virginia Wine HistoryGrapes02



February is Dry White Wine Month at Lakeland Winery

February is Dry White Wine Month at Lakeland Winery

I might have a sweet tooth, but when it comes to wine preferences, I’m a dry aficionado all the way. I like my wines less sweet and arid like the desert.  This is why I’m so excited for our February special.

All this month we’re honoring dry white wines: Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cayuga White, Pinot Grigio — they’re all on sale this month, buy one, get one-half off. So if you can’t decide which white will go best with that romantic Valentines dinner you’re planning, get them both!
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