Valentine’s Day Wine & Food Celebration at Lakeland Winery

We are teaming up with Daniella’s Steakhouse for an evening of great food and great wine on Friday, February 13th at 6pm. Come celebrate with a friend or the one you love. The cost is $75 per couple and includes crab stuffed artichoke hearts, tomato mozzarella salad, stuffed chicken breast, marinated filet medallions, mushroom risotto and tiramisu. We will pair one of our exclusive wines with each of the six dishes. Seating is limited and prepayment is required for a reservation.

The Pitfall to Drinking Wine? Purple-stained Teeth

I’m partial to reds, however, I’m not in love with the purple stains my favorite wines leave behind on my teeth. It’s the reason I choose white wine at any public event. I learned this lesson the hard way several years ago at a networking conference.

When I first got to the conference, I chose a cabernet sauvignon and walked around, energetically introducing myself. I felt awesome with all that bubbly energy, meeting new people, collecting business cards — until I used the ladies room and got a good look at my teeth. I tried rinsing my mouth and chewing gum, but neither of these tactics were good in a pinch. These Wine Wipes would have really come in handy that day.

A recent Yahoo News article reports that they work pretty well, so there is hope for all of us red wine lovers.

I also learned about a few “folk remedies.” Swishing some seltzer, eating hard, waxy cheeses, and even munching on crunchy fruits and vegetables are believed to help remove wine stains. Sounds a bit dubious to me. There’s also the added effect of cheese breath and celery stuck between your teeth. At least the red wine is fun.

Dinner Party: Quickly Calculate How Many Bottles You Need

Dinner Party: Quickly Calculate How Many Bottles You Need

Need a fast way to figure out how many bottles of wine to buy for your next dinner party? Check out VinePair’s Wine Bottle Calculator:

We love hosting dinner parties, but it can often be confusing trying to determine how many bottles of wine you need to buy or have your guests bring. To make life easier we created the calculator below to answer those questions for you.

via The Dinner Party Wine Bottle Calculator | VinePair.

5 Essential Tips for Cooking with Wine

5 Essential Tips for Cooking with Wine

You can slow cook it, saute it or marinate it – wine enhances flavors and is always the best ingredient in whatever you’re cooking. But, there’s a bit more to cooking with wine than just pouring it into the pan.

  1. Choose a wine based on other ingredients in the dish. If you’re cooking something spicy, pick a full-bodied wine that can hold up on its own. If you’re cooking something light, such as chicken or fish. go with a white wine. Creamy sauces generally work best with white wines, and a sweet dish needs a sweet wine.
  2. Know some versatile wines if you need to make a substitution. Pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, merlot and syrah all come in handy, especially if you don’t have the exact wine you need for a certain recipe.
  3. Consider the acidity of the ingredients in the dish before adding the wine. Cut back on acidic ingredients to account for the acidity of the wine.
  4. Don’t add wine to a dish just before serving. Let it simmer with the food. Adding the wine too late can leave a harsh taste.
  5. Use a wine that you would drink while cooking your dinner and while eating it.

So, what are some of your favorite wine-based recipes?


Presidents’ Day Sale!

Presidents’ Day Sale!

Founding father George Washington helped create a brand new country, but he wasn’t as successful at making his own wine.*In fact, Washington tried to make a go of his own vineyard at Mt. Vernon for 11 years before giving up. You, on the otherhand, will succeed with Wine Expert’s International Juice Kits for sale all this week in honor of Presidents’ Day.

Choose from these selected International varieties:

Australian Cabernet Shiraz

Australian Shiraz

Chilean Pinor Noir

Chilean Merlot

French Cabernet Sauvignon

French Merlot

New Zealand Pinot Noir


$98.99 this week only

Kits only. Expires Saturday, February 23, 2013.


*Source: Virgina Wine: Virginia Wine HistoryGrapes02