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July’s Wine of the Month: Mon Cheri

July’s Wine of the Month: Mon Cheri

La la la la la, mon cheri amour… Sorry for that Stevie Wonder moment, but that’s what I hear every time I take a sip of our Mon Cheri. It’s a light, semi-sweet wine made with New York Diamond grapes. It’s the July Wine of the Month, so stop  in and get yourself a couple of bottles — buy one, get one half off!

Watch Andy and Christina on the WSTM Morning Show!

Andy and Christina guest-starred on WSTM’s early morning news show on Tuesday, July 17. They chatted all about Lakeland Winery, making wine and throwing wine making parties.

Lakeland Winery on WSTM


Lakeland on WSTM’s Early Morning News Show

Get up extra early on Tuesday, July 17 to see Andy and Christina talk about Lakeland Winery on WSTM’s (NBC) early morning news show. It’s at 6:30 a.m., so set your alarm!

Behind The Wine Glass: Ladies’ Night Glass Painting Parties

Behind The Wine Glass: Ladies’ Night Glass Painting Parties

Lakeland Winery plays host to great events — fundraisers, bachelorette parties, wine making parties — and the regular Ladies’ Night Wine Glass Painting party is definitely one them.  To think this event never would’ve happened if our Facebook Administrator and Fabulous Imperfections owner,  Sarah Arnold, hadn’t run out of pumpkins.
Right before Halloween in 2010 Sarah was sitting in her basement painting pumpkins. When she finished painting her supply she realized she wasn’t ready to quit. Luckily, Sarah remembered she had some wine glasses and decided to start painting those.
At first, it was just a lot of fun and she even began to think of her paintings as “therapy,”  but Sarah’s wine glass creations became a huge hit with friends — she started giving them away as thank-you gifts to those who went on her annual wine tour.  Wine tour mementos turned into friends making orders for housewarming gifts, Christmas gifts and wedding gifts. Sarah paints almost every day in her basement studio, and often has more than 80 wine glass orders at a time.
Sarah specializes in wedding and bridal party wine glasses, which make great wedding favors and gifts for the bride and groom. Sarah suggests the designs for her customers and hand paints the glasses with special glass paint. The glasses are then baked for durability.
Sarah’s wine tasting and glass painting parties at Lakeland Winery are a fun night out for women looking to do something different for a girls’ night out. You must preregister for the party and the $25 fee includes a wine or beer glass, the paints and 20 wine tasting samples.  The next event is Wednesday, July 11th. RSVP to [email protected]

Blueberry Picking

I will be at Stans Blueberry Patch on Wednesday July 11, 2012 at 8AM to pick some of NYS best blueberries. Please join me for a sunny day with temperatures beginning at 55 degrees and going as high as 84 degrees. You can keep your own blueberries or I will pay you a bottle of blueberry wine (made from this years communal batch) per hour of blueberry picking. You may also pick blueberries that would be acceptable from Hafners Blueberry Patch on Route 370 in Baldwinsville and Matt & Annie’s Blueberry Patch in Parish. No other blueberries are acceptable for making wine at Lakeland Winery. I have tasted these berries and found them to be exceptional tasting. There may be other good patches I haven’t tasted, but so far these are the three. Blueberry picking will continue daily until I have 800 pounds. That, and 500 pounds of sugar make 250 gallons of delicious tasting blueberry wine.