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Getting things done

Remember in September, I spoke about accidentally(?) meeting Barbara S. Hancock, the Associate Attorney for the NYS Law Revision Commission. Well, recently she and her colleges invited me to Albany for a bull session about Lakeland Winery. I told them about our wine making parties, and adopt-a-jug program. They had no idea such a thing existed, and were all ears and questions for an hour and a half. I told them my greatest obsticle was their definition of ‘New York State labeled wines’ being only wines made from grapes grown in New York State. Only those wines can be sold at the Fairgrounds, Farmers Market and Wine Festivals. I told them I can’t make a living without attending those events.

It may take another year, but when it comes to getting things done, I’m all over that. It feels good to lobby for something you believe in. Try it sometime. It actually works!

Wine News for 11/7/2008

Stories and news from the wine world:

  • Wine Word of the Week: Clarification
    — Clarification is the wine-making operation which removes suspended and insoluble material from grape juice, or new wine, in which these solids are known as lees.
  • Sulfites in Wine
    — Sneaky Sulfites Cause Splitting Headaches, or Do They? The truth behind sulfites used in wine.
  • Wine May ‘Protect Against Dementia’
    — The beneficial effects observed are due to compounds called flavonoids, found in red wine.
  • Time Works Against Opened Wine Bottle
    — The problem arises when you taste several wines or simply don’t want to drink an entire bottle by yourself or with a friend.
  • Report: American Wine Industry Healthy
    — Wine Intelligence, a London-based wine industry consulting and market research firm, is reporting that American wine is doing just fine…