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Preview of Andy’s How to Make Wine Video Series—Coming Soon!

Here’s a quick preview of Step 1 of our upcoming How to Make Wine Video series by yours truly (they’ll all be available online for free):

Lakeland Winery Wine Store coming soon!

Interested in purchasing Lakeland Winery wines by the bottle online? Stay tuned….our online wine store is opening soon…

A delightful story

Recently, a very special guest swing dance instructor was in Syracuse for the weekend. Her name is Debrah and she’s from California. As a nice gesture I thought I would bring her a bottle each of Stag’s Leap Merlot and Wasington Columbia Valley Riesling.

During a break in the dance that night I brought her my present and was startled when she immediately started drinking straight from the bottle. With a wide eye look of panic, she draws the bottle from her mouth and exclaims, “what the #@% kind of wine is this!!” I was again surprised by her reaction, but soon relaxed when she said, “this is the best #@!% merlot I’ve ever had”.

Since she was from California, I took this as a huge complement.

The following evening during another dance event, a woman whom I know to be a little snobbish when it comes to eating and drinking. She has told me, “I only go to the best restaurants.” She comes up to me and tells me this story: Apparently, the other night Debrah was sharing her wine with some people, and offered it to Kathy (the wine snob). Kathy says, “no thanks that’s Andy’s wine, isn’t it”? Well Debra goes off the deep end and says to kathy, “you gotta try this fantastic wine”! Kathy relates to me that she DID try the wine and was AMAZED how good it tasted. Well, that just about made my day.

Two wine lovers, one from California and the other from Syracuse agreeing that my juice concentrate wine was FANTASTIC! I was pleased as punch :) Don’t just believe my story. Try it and see for yourself, how delicious is wine made from juice concentrate.

‘How to Make Wine’ winemaking videos coming soon…

‘How to Make Wine’ winemaking videos coming soon…

andy filtering wine with videographer sm.jpg
Andy filtering wine.

We are in the middle of putting together a few ‘How to Make Wine’ winemaking videos and had a videographer over on Saturday to film each step in the winemaking process. We had a lot of fun with the first day of filming, so keep an eye out for the videos in the next few weeks!

andy making wine with videographer sm.jpg
Andy mixing grape juice and adding yeast.

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[] Wine lovers dating community, where wine lovers connect


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