Winemaking News [7-9-2007]

Surfing and winemaking on CA’s central coast [Wine Enthusiast]
“There’s always been a romantic ideal attached with winemaking; the creation of a fine wine, the upscale image. Conversely, there’s been a carefree ideal attached to surfing; hanging out at the beach without a care in the world.”

Fashionable new world Rieslings, Roses are ideal summer wines [Bloomberg]
“Crisp, fruity riesling and dry, pink rose spent decades as unfashionable wallflowers waiting to be noticed. Now, the two Rs are being discovered by wine lovers…”

Italian winery turns labels into art exhibits [Washington Post]
“Many people say making wine is an art and an Italian winery once owned by Michelangelo has extended that notion right down to its labels.”

Best ways to get your wine home [San Jose Mercury News]
“Driving to a winery? Take a tour and buy a few bottles. Getting your purchases home is never a problem.But what if you’ve flown out to California to tour Napa, or you’re planning a trip to explore the vineyards of Bordeaux or Tuscany? Carry-on restrictions prohibit you from bringing bottles of wine onboard with you.”

California wine makes people eat 12% more [Pinotblogger]
“According to a Cornell University study, folks who are given a glass of wine before a meal and told it is from California eat 12% more than when they are told the wine is from North Dakota.”

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