2006 California Grapes and Juice Prices

Dear Lakeland Winery Customers,

Thanks to those of you who participated in our online survey. With such a huge interest, we have decided to make this season’s California grapes and juices available to make your very own unique flavors of wine this year. All grapes and juices come from Lodi, Acampo, Woodridge and San Joaquin Valley (known as the Central Valley). They are of the highest quality grapes and juices available.

A 50% down payment is required to confirm each order. Payments can be made at the winery. Call me if you need to make other payment arrangements. Please let me know as soon as possible for your order as all orders are due by next Saturday, September 16th. Orders will arrive at the beginning of October via refrigerated truck.

The prices below are for 6 gallons of juice or a 36 lb box of grapes. Please note that it takes 2.5 boxes of grapes to make 6 gallons of juice (30 bottles) or 2 boxes to make 4.8 gallons.

Variety 6 Gal. Juice Box
Cabernet Sauvignon 43.95 26.95
Cabernet Franc N/A 26.95
Chianti 41.95 N/A
Chablis 36.95 N/A
Chardonnay 43.95 27.95
Gewurztraminer 45.95 N/A
Johan. Riesling 43.95 N/A
Merlot 44.95 27.95
Muscat 40.95 26.95
Pinot Grigio 45.95 N/A
Petite Sirah 45.95 32.95
Pinot Noir 46.95 N/A
Sangiovese 43.95 26.95
Sauvignon Blanc 43.95 26.95
Shiraz 46.95 N/A
Old Vine Zinfandel 47.95 N/A
Zinfandel 44.95 31.95

***Prices are subject to change without notice and availablity is not guaranteed due to the nature of ordering fresh grapes and juices.

Also, please remember that it only costs $39.00 storage, equipment use and processing plus $54.00 for bottles and materials.

I am available on my cell phone if you have any questions at 315-572-4763.